RAT & PCR Available to General Population

When you visit one of our community testing centres in Northland, a staff member will help determine whether you need a COVID-19 test, and if so, which test is most appropriate for you (PCR or RAT).


In the past only PCR nasal swab tests were available. You may be eligible for a PCR test, but most people will be eligible for a rapid antigen test (RAT) instead to take home and do the test yourself.


If you test positive using a RAT you will be considered to have COVID-19 and you do not need to do a PCR test to confirm (unless directed to by health officials).


RATs will be offered to you to take home and self-test if you are:

  • Experiencing COVID-19 symptoms
  • A Household contact on days 3 and 10 of your 10-day self-isolation pathway
  • Are required to have a test under a mandatory testing order (e.g. a border or MIQ worker)
  • A critical worker and have placed an online order for collection


A PCR (viral nose swab) test will be done at the testing centre if you:

  • Have been toold to get a PCR test by a Health Official 
  • Are unable to do a RAT at home


If you do not meet the criteria, please continue to monitor for symptoms and if you are unwell you can and should seek care.

Rapid antigen tests (RATs) can be ordered and then collected at this site.

Before going to a collection site, you must place an order via OR free call 0800222478

This site offers free face masks when people are collecting RATs (subject to availability).