Contact details

Phone: (09) 486 7777

Fax: (09) 478 6804



COVID-19 testing ONLY:

If you require a COVID-19 test only and do NOT require a consult with a Clinician, please phone the clinic first on 09 486 7777.

We will try to accommodate you if we have the capacity, otherwise we will direct you to your nearest community testing centre (CTC).

These testing centres only do COVID-19 tests and as such their results are prioritised and are set up for a surge in demand.

COVID19 testing requiring a consult with a Clinician:

If you are unwell and require a consult with one of our Clinicians, AND require a COVID-19 test, please present to our clinics as usual for an urgent care, walk in appointment.

Follow the signage and instructions given to you when you arrive, and ensure you alert our staff to any respiratory symptoms.

We ask in advance for your patience. Urgent Care clinics have a crucial role for those who are unwell or injured. We cannot stop this work and we have limited capacity to cater for a big surge in demand for COVID-19 testing.