Dr Huhana Hickey talks about keeping tangata whaikaha safe
September 2022

Katakata overflows in boil-up kōrero videos

We know it can be tough keeping up to date with what we need to know about COVID-19. So, what better way to hear the latest news than over a plate of delicious boil-up?

Karawhiua’s latest video series sees TikTok influencer and funny fulla James Pairama Wright being hosted by four pūkenga hauora mīharo from around the country.

We wanted to create some videos that would answer common pātai that whānau are asking. That includes pātai about hapū māmā, whānau packs for home isolation, and how to keep tāngata whaikaha and immunocompromised safe.

In our first two videos, James drops in on Waipareira Trust whānau ora force, Jacqui Harema and disability rights lawyer, Dr Huhana Hickey. The tata kōrero flows, along with some crack-up lines, and James gets an education on behalf of all of us.

Jacqui Harema helped lead the vaccination response alongside Waipareira Trust’s dedicated kaimahi. She reminds whānau of what to include in their whānau plan.

Her go-to? The trusty pack of cards.

Her back-up boil-up? Boiled sausage boil-up. Too much, aunty.

Our second boil-up kōrero video hears from Papatoetoe tāngata whaikaha champion, Dr Huhana Hickey. She encourages whānau to wear a mask when around tāngata whaikaha.

“You have responsibility not to get into other people’s faces,” Huhana says.

She’s also big on tāngata whaikaha having a plan, with some particular advice for people who use a tūru wīra.

“For wheelchair users, make sure you’ve got a way of getting to the hospital because the ambulance can’t take you.”

There’ll be other boil-up kōrero videos to come, including some chats about hapū māmā over plates of mutton birds from down south.

Chuck your own boil-up on the stove and keep the whānau healthy while you enjoy the videos.

Jacqui Harema shares her COVID-19 whānau plan.

Video Link: https://www.karawhiua.nz/assets/Videos/The_Boil_up_Korero-Jacqui-Waipareirano_subs_final.mp4

Dr Huhana Hickey talks about keeping tāngata whaikaha safe.

Video Link: https://www.karawhiua.nz/assets/Videos/The-Boil-up-Korero-Dr-Huhana.mp4