Chur All Good Bro hauora kit helps tāne Māori
September 2022

New hauora kit helps tāne Māori look out for each other

Has your bro not seemed like his usual self lately? Maybe he appears a little off or is shutting himself away from whānau and friends?

Empowering tāne Māori to reach out and uplift each other is the purpose of the new “Chur! All good, bro?” kit.

The resource helps tāne to awhi others who might be struggling with mental health or experiencing suicidal thoughts. It’s the product of a partnership between Mental Health Foundation, Kia Piki te Ora, a national Māori suicide prevention service, and Te Rau Ora, a kaupapa Māori organisation that provides hauora programmes.

“Sometimes it’s hard to know what to say when you’re worried your bro isn’t doing too well. This rauemi helps you start that kōrero,” said Mohi Allen, kaiwhakarite Māori engagement specialist at Mental Health Foundation.

The three agencies worked with whānau, communities and organisations around the motu to create Chur! All good, bro?

The kit uses pūrākau and kōrero tuku iho to encourage tāne to speak with a friend they’re worried about and reminds tāne that their awhi could potentially be lifesaving. It is based on four easy to remember steps:

  • C – connect
  • H – hear him out
  • U – uplift
  • R – reassure and cheer.

“One thing COVID-19 has highlighted for organisations is that it’s important that hauora resources reflect the voices of our communities,” said Mohi.

“We went on a haerenga around the motu to get input from whānau kanohi ki te kanohi and were welcomed with open arms by the whānau we met. It has been an amazing way to connect, build lifelong hononga and spark the conversation within our Māori communities.”

Chur! All good, bro? incorporates pūrākau Māori to help us with our taha hinengaro.

“We talk about how Tāne, the god of humanity and the forest, ascended through the heavens to the uppermost realm to obtain the three kete of knowledge from Io.

“Tāne knew the journey wouldn’t be easy. Every step on his way up was riddled with challenges. Despite great difficulties, with the help of his brother Tāwhirimātea, Tāne reached the pinnacle and brought back to earth the sacred knowledge of the three kete for Māori and humanity.”

You can get the Chur! All good, bro? kit on the HealthEd website.

Chur! All good, bro?

Visit our Tāngata whaiora page for other advice and tautoko for your mental hauora through COVID-19.

Tāngata whaiora

Look out for the signs

  • Showing major changes from his usual behaviour.
  • No longer doing stuff he once enjoyed.
  • Shutting himself off from whānau and friends.
  • Going through intense mood swings.
  • Looking sad, angry, whakamā̄ or irritated.
  • Turning to drugs or alcohol a lot more than usual.
  • Eating or sleeping much more or less than usual.
  • No longer looking after his health or appearance.
  • Saying or posting dark or negative stuff about himself or the world.