Ria Brodie smiling outside with text about hāpu māmā
November 2022

Popular pātai from parents in new boil-up kōrero

In our latest boil-up kōrero video, public health tuakana Ria Brodie answers questions about COVID-19 vaccinations for hāpu māmā and tamariki and talks about how hauora Māori works best when it’s whānau-centered.

TikTok funny fulla James Pairama Wright visited Ria in her house in Dunedin for a chat and a plate of muttonbirds. In between banter about doughboys and the strong, salty boil-up, James asks Ria to address some of the popular pātai we hear from parents. Our hāpu māmā videos are among our most popular videos, and some whānau are still unclear if the COVID-19 vaccine is safe for pēpi, hāpu māmā and tamariki.

Ria says it is “absolutely safe” for māmā to get a COVID-19 vaccine while pregnant.

“The big thing is that it does not pass across to the pēpi, that vaccine, but what does pass is whatever māmā makes to protect herself and her baby. Baby’s born and her baby has that protection also.”

She has other advice on why it’s important to vaccinate tamariki.

“They’ve always been the ones that bring the bugs home to the whānau. So therefore if we want to look at protecting whānau, we protect the whole of the whānau.”

Ria reminds us of what we know so well, that in a Māori hauora approach, whānau have the answers.

“We deliver on their terms. Whanau are the ones that have the solutions. Whanau know what they want.”

Video Link: https://www.karawhiua.nz/assets/Videos/Vaccines-for-hapu-mama-and-tamariki.mp4

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